5 Fantastic Learning Paths That Don’t Require Math and Get You Employed Faster

STEM degrees (science, technology, engineering and math) are exploding in the digital age, but all the math requirements can be enough to make even a Mathlete stressed.  Not your thing? Hate numbers? There are still plenty of amazing career paths available to you that require minimal – or even absolutely no – extra math!

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Math isn’t required to have a fulfilling, gainful career just because we live in a digital world. Careers in field such as communications, education, languages, web development, and physical therapy can allow students to pursue their passions without all the extra math. Explore the info below the cut to find out if a career in one of these fields is right for you.

You Don’t Need Math to Succeed in These 5 Fantastic Learning Paths.


Depending on where you go, the communications school can cover public relations, advertising, journalism, television and film, and more. These majors explore the connections between humans and how people relate to each other. Communications students also usually require only minimal math credits and sometimes none at all!


Though education can mean math, it doesn’t have to be that way. Possibilities are diverse with a career in education, with the ability to focus in on what you loved to learn and want to teach others. Pursue a career in English, theater, history, dance, or wherever the passion to teach leads. Even if the math teacher is right down the hall.

Interpreters and Translators

Are languages more your style? The world is becoming more global every day, with companies able to communicate from LA to Tokyo to Paris and beyond instantaneously. Even within the United States, countless languages are spoken. Careers in interpreting and translating are also growing much faster than average, making this field full of opportunity. These careers usually start with a bachelor’s degree in a chosen language, which may include minimal math classes, but once you graduate it isn’t something you’ll use every day.

Web Developer

Tech doesn’t have to mean math. Web developers create software, apps, domains, and more. The words to watch for are “coding languages.” What coding languages a students learns and how fluent they become determines their career prospects more than anything else. The field is also growing quickly, meaning more jobs and opportunities for those new to the market.

Physical Therapist Assistant

One might think no math cancels out any opportunity at a gainful career in health and wellness, but physical therapist assistant (PTA) programs require minimal math and allow people to help patients heal from injuries and manage pain. The PTA field is also growing exponentially, with a 30 percent increase in job outlook over the next eight years.

There are countless opportunities out there for people who don’t want to pursue a STEM field, and many of them are available with online degrees. Get started exploring program options today and you could be on your way to a new career tomorrow.